With more and more people globally looking for professionally managed events, the market for the global event planning industry is ready to soar!

If you are planning to be part of this dynamic industry, read on to know the latest trends and online management courses with certificates that will help you learn the skills. 

Event-Planning Trends to Look Out for in the Near Future

Here are some of the event-planning trends you need to be familiar with:

Add Value to Each Aspect of an Event

Your clients are looking at a 'wow experience' at the event planned by you, where every minute detail matters. Ideas like name tags having the event schedule printed behind them or a swag bag that provides details of next year's event are some ideas that get the attention of your client and their guests.

Every detail needs to meet the client's expectations, from who's invited to what's on the menu. 

Diversity of Thoughts is Required

Diverse opinions challenge people, and this is what makes an event memorable. Clients would be interested in keynote speakers with a unique perspective apart from an event with a unique theme.

Get a 'contrarian' speaker who agrees to disagree to give the event some flavor. Sounds risky? Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Add Wellness to the Menu

Like a wellness expert makes a difference in the hectic schedule that people face today, so will a wellness booth make an event fresh and engaging. It gives the audience a break they need after a demanding session.

With an event planning certification online, you can learn the soft skills that are needed to excel in the event management industry. 

Customization is Key

Structure the event after getting feedback from guests through things like conference apps, activities they prefer, marketing emailers, and more.

Give the audience a choice to decide on restaurants, attractions, or other interests they might have. 

Think Sustainable

All event collaterals like food, carry bags, or registration kits should all have a sustainable finish. Make arrangements to donate leftover food and beverages to the homeless and charitable organizations.

People are interested in recycling, reusing, and reducing to lower their carbon footprint. When your theme matches their thoughts, it's a win-win situation. 


The event planning industry has lots of opportunities, and by following the tips mentioned in this article, you can expect a lucrative career. Start by enrolling in an event management online course from recognized learning platforms like Cudoo.